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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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Well, it's been a long time since I posted on this blog. So I felt engaged and excited to write another post.
I'm not sure if you know, though my main area of interest is kernel development and low-level languages like Assembly.
Nonetheless, I also love C as it's the lingua franca of programmers around the world.
C language does provide a syntax which makes it easy both to learn and read other people's source code.
Believe me, that's one of the most beautiful things in the field of computer science (At least I think so).

My opinion about the Free Software movement:
As we know, millions of people contribute for free software projects.
The reason for contributing towards a project is that you share values with the project's ethos. Programming isn't necessarily a job, it's often a hobby.

Getting Started in the Linux Kernel:
In the past few weeks I started studying the Linux Kernel. By the way, the Linux kernel development book is one of the best books which approach the Linux internals.
You should take a look into it :)

My own hobby-purpose kernel:
I have also been designing my own kernel. By reading the aforementioned statement you could ask me:
Aren't you reinventing the wheel?
Not at all, creating your own kernel gives an in-depth knowledge that would not be possible to get without doing that.

How do I get started?
There are lot of free Operating System courses on the internet, and they do their work very well.
Taking OS courses may reduce the time you work on "useless" things, such as: Configuring the GDT (Global Descriptor table), among other things.
If you feel interested, I would recommend the 6828 MIT Operating system course. It's a free and open course for everyone else to play.

Follow the link:

I hope you like it.
Raphael S.Carvalho <raphael.scarv@gmail.com>

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